The Faces of Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery is a research-based, short-term intervention of one-to-one teaching for the lowest-achieving first graders.

Reading Recovery students receive 30-minute lessons each school day for 12 to 20 weeks from a specially trained teacher.

As soon as students can read and write at grade level and demonstrate that they can continue to achieve, their lessons are discontinued and new students receive individual instruction.

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Literacy Lessons

Professional Development for Teachers in Special Education Settings and for ESL Teachers.

A course of study for teachers working in special education or ESL settings with students having difficulty learning to read and write. Literacy Lessons is a dynamic 1-to-1 tool.

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Comprehensive Early Literacy Professional Development

Teacher leaders provide comprehensive professional development to Reading Recovery teachers, Special Education teachers, ESL teachers, and Classroom teachers who need to provide intensified literacy instruction.

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Reading Recovery in Action

Jennifer Michael with all the students she teaches in a day, including her Reading Recovery students.

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The International Data Evaluation Center’s primary mission is to process evaluation research data for all Reading Recovery® programs in the United States.

IDEC fulfills a condition of the Reading Recovery trademark, which grants free use of the name and logo under the condition, among others, that all teacher training sites report on each child served to The Ohio State University, the holder of the trademark. Visit IDEC.

Reading Recovery Council of North America: Ensuring that children who struggle in learning to read and write gain the skills for a literate and productive future.


Reading Recovery Works Website. Information and resources for Reading Recovery professionals.
Literacy Lessons
Literacy Lessons

Literacy Lessons® is professional development for teachers in special education settings and for ESL teachers. In keeping with Marie Clay’s desire to provide professional development to all teachers who are responsible for delivering literacy lessons to individual children, we offer a course of study for teachers working in special education settings with students beginning to read and write.

This program of professional development will offer graduate study coursework in designing and delivering Literacy Lessons to individual students in special education settings who are beginning to read and write.
Reading Recovery


The International Reading Recovery Trainers Organization provides leadership for all entities affiliated with the Reading Recovery early literacy intervention founded by Dr. Marie M. Clay. These leaders are accredited Reading Recovery trainers who have responsibility for their specific Reading Recovery centers, situated either within universities or in professional education centers or education systems affiliated with universities. The trainers provide the support needed to establish and maintain the Reading Recovery trademark around the world.

KEEP BOOKS® offer a wide variety of high interest titles at reading levels appropriate for pre-kindergarten through 2nd grade.

The format of simple line drawings encourages the child to contribute color and add details to the illustrations. There is a place for the child to write his or her name. Some sets also have a practice page for writing and spelling. Children learn to read and to take care of their books at school